Municipal Court

The City of Stroud Municipal Court is committed to protect individual rights through administrating justice in a fair, professional, and honest manner. Municipal Court staff are:

    • Larry Lenora – Municipal Judge
    • James Hodgens – City Attorney
    • Lisa McElyea – Court Clerk

Contacting the Municipal Court

The Municipal Court is located at 220 West 2nd Street, Stroud, OK 74079 in the Administration Building. Court is held on the first Tuesday of each month at 1:30 pm (except on holidays). You can reach the Court Clerk by phone at (918) 968-2571.

Making a Payment

Payments can be made at the city clerk’s office Monday through Friday (except on holidays) from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm or pay online.


List of fines for various offenses:

Traffic Fines & Other Miscellaneous Offenses
All other bonds are to be $130 unless approved by a judge.

Offense Fine
Actual physical control of motor vehicle while under the influence $530
Careless driving $230
Defective equipment $130
Disobey traffic sign or light $130
Driving with license revoked / suspended $330
Driving in a manner not reasonable or proper $200
Driving under the influence of alcohol / drugs $530
Driving while intoxicated by alcohol $530
Eluding / attempting to elude an officer $530
Expired driver’s license / no driver’s license / violate license restriction $130
Expired tag $130
Failure to carry insurance $130
Failure to wear child restraint $50
Failure to wear properly adjusted seat belt $20
Failure to yield $130
Following too closely $130
Improper parking $130
Improper turn $130
Operate an all terrain vehicle on city street $130
Passing in No Passing Zone $130
Passing in School Zone $130
Reckless driving $130
Speeding (1 to 10 over) $100
Speeding (11 to 15 over) $120
Speeding (16 to 20 over) $140
Speeding (21 to 25 over) $160
Speeding (Over 26) $180
Transporting open container $330

Criminal Offenses
All other bonds are to be $130 unless approved by a judge.

Offense Fine
Assault and/or battery $530
Assault on peace officer $530
Concealed weapon $130
Disturbing the peace $230
Possession of drugs $530
Possession of drug paraphernalia $530
Public intoxication $230
Resisting arrest / obstruct an officer $530
Shoplifting / petty larceny $230

Contact Us

Lisa McElyea
Deputy Clerk
Phone: (918) 987-0224