Fire Department


Chief Chris Wilson


Asst. Chief Adam Chace

Stroud Fire Department Mission Statement

The Stroud Fire Department provides fire protection as well as rescue operations not only in Lincoln County but often respond to large scale fire events State-wide. Stroud Fire Department is a volunteer service with an average call volume of 250-300 calls of service per year. Our department has been able to acquire multiple state and federal grants along with matching funds from the City of Stroud, allowing us to state up to date with the latest in fire protection and rescue equipment. The Stroud Fire Department meets twice monthly. The department members are comprised of several firefighter/emt’s that are employed full time in other agencies as well. On the side of our trucks, you will see a message that states “Saving lives and protecting property” and we hold that statement close to our actions every time we leave the fire station.

Local Storm Shelters

Local Storm SheltersTornado sirens will alarm for 3 minutes when a storm is capable of producing a tornado or has indicated rotation. Pets are not allowed in the shelters.

Parkview Elementary
119 W 10th Street - Handicap Accessible, enter Pre-K Center through doors inside fenced area.

Stroud Middle School
720 Gillespie Dr. - North end of building, go down outside stairs to enter.

Old High School
212 W 7th Street - West side of building, go down outside stairs to enter.

New Stroud High School
1096 East 7th Street (7th St and Hwy 66) - Enter through doors on South West side of building. You will enter at ground level, proceed down hallway, and then go downstairs to enter shelter. Shelter is located on the first floor, in the center of the building.