Boards and Commissions

City Council and Stroud Utility Authority

Second Thursday of each month at 5:00 pm.

Meeting is at City Hall, 220 W 2nd St., Stroud, OK 74079

Member Title Ward Term Ends
Debbie Garret Vice Mayor 1 2027
Raphe Thompson Councilman 2 2027
Kyle Anderson Councilman 3 2025
Gary Babinec Mayor 4 2025
Marvin Hudson Councilman At large 2025

Stroud Utility Authority Members – This meeting is the same time as City Council meeting, once it is finished, we continue straight into Stroud Utility.

    • Marvin Hudson, Trustee
    • Gary Babinec, Chairman
    • Raphe Thompson, Trustee
    • Debbie Garrett, Vice Chairman
    • Kyle Anderson, Trustee

About the Board
Stroud Utilities Authority is a Title 60 Trust and was created to finance, operate, construct, and administer any public works, improvements, or facilities, including, but without limitation, electric, water, sewer, garbage, and trash disposal facilities. The trustees are the same people presently constituting the mayor and members of the governing board of the City of Stroud.

Library Board

3rd Friday, every 3rd month at 1:30 pm

The Stroud Public Library Board advises and advocates for the library. The directors monitor the library operations, reviews, revises, and approves policy plans, personnel and budget. 

Meeting held at:
Stroud Public Library
301 W. 7th Street
Stroud, OK 74079


    • Marilyn Wheeler (2025)
    • Penny Cockrum (2025)
    • Raquel LeMaster (2026)
    • Marilyn Hudson (2026)
    • Louise Gordon (2026)
    • Caleb Ball (2027)
    • Steve Brant (2027)

Housing Authority

Stroud Housing Authority
45 Hillcrest Drive
Stroud, OK 74079


    • Vivian Henshaw (2024)
    • Sandra Jones (2024)
    • Tommy Smith (2024)
    • Jeromye Jackson (2026)
    • Sharon King (2026)

The Stroud Housing Authority missions is to promote adequate and affordable housing, and a sustainable living environment free from discrimination for the citizens of Stroud.

Stroud Industrial Authority

First Tuesday of the month at 7 am

Meeting is at City Hall

Member term is three years, ending June 30th.


    • Jim Miller, Chairman (2026)
    • Raphe Thompson, Trustee (2026)
    • Tim Moore, Trustee (2024)
    • Kim Wheeler, Trustee (2024)
    • Charles Palmer, Trustee (2025)

The Stroud Industrial Authority’s (SIA) mission is to promote and expand economic development in the City of Stroud by providing assistance with community, state, and federal resources that will stimulate the growth of the City of Stroud.  SIA would like to invite you to look at the advantages the City of Stroud Oklahoma can offer a new and/or expanding business/industry.

Stroud Hospital and Development Authority

First Thursday of the month at 7 am

Meeting is at City Hall

Member term is three years, ending June 30th.


    • Adam Chance, Chairman (2026)
    • Tammy Smith (2026)
    • Debbie Garrett (2024)
    • Ken Carpenter (2025)
    • Bill Ash (2025)

The Stroud Hospital and Development Authority’s mission is the promotion, expansion, and moderation of hospital, retirement homes, and other entities dedicated to healthcare in the City of Stroud. The Authority is committed to improving the health, safety, and welfare of the community they serve.

Stroud Planning Commission

The Planning Commision does not have regularly scheduled meetings.


    • Kent Clovis, Chairman (2025)
    • Vivian Henshaw, Member (2025)
    • John Alexander, Member (2024)
    • Mary Vickery, Member (2024)
    • Linda Waller, Member (2025)

The Planning Commission also serves as the Zoning Board of Adjustment  for the City of Stroud. The commission presides over public hearings of appeal or other matter(s). They have the authority to grant variance and special exceptions, where authorized, in specific individual cases if it has been determined there are extraordinary conditions to warrant such variance and special excepetions. The commission also listens to all petitions for amending zoning district classification and, if approved, makes the recommendation to the City of Stroud for final approval.

Members are nominated by the mayor and appointed by the City Council. Term is for two years, ending June 30th.

Appeal Information

The applicant has a $50 fee upon filing the appeal to defray the cost of publishing the notice of public hearing and any other cost associated with the hearing. The board shall give 15 days notice of the public hearing. For additional information, please contact City Hall at (918) 968-2571.