Genealogy Collection

Genealogy Information

Want to do a family tree? Don't know where to start? Come see us! Our wonderful genealogy collection includes:

  • Census information for Lincoln and Creek counties from 1900 to 1930
  • 1890 schedule enumerating Union veterans and their widows
  • Other census publications
  • Stroud High School year books
  • Lincoln County history book
  • Centennial publications for Sparks, Meeker, and Stroud
  • Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) cemetery index for Lincoln County
  • Stroud newspaper obituary index
  • Abstracts of Lincoln County Oklahoma obituaries
  • Lincoln County marriage index
  • Other genealogy books are listed in the online catalog

Stroud Centennial 1892-1992

Stroud Centennial Book
Book available for $45.

Lincoln County Census

The library has microfilm of the Lincoln County Census from 1900, 1910, 1920, and 1930. Information of persons that were living in Stroud was extracted from microfilm as best as could be read. We also extracted information on those living around the Stroud area, known as the Keokuk Township. All of these are listed alphabetically by surname. The 1940 Census was recently released. Library staff has recently completed the index for Stroud which includes the names of 1,927 individuals. They are listed in the same order as in the Census.  All files are in Adobe .pdf format.

Additional Information

Further information is available by contacting the library. If requesting information by email, please include as much information about the source such as all possible spellings of the person's name, and as accurate a date range as you know.

Birth & Obituary Indexes

The library has microfilm of the local newspaper from 1900. From this, we have listed birth announcements in the birth index and deceased persons in the obituary index.

The birth index includes the child's name or gender if given, the parents' names as given and the source of information listed alphabetically by surname.

Obituary information may be either from a death notice or a full obituary. Index includes person's name, date of death if known, and source of information listed alphabetically by surname. Married females are more likely to be listed by their married name than by their maiden name.

Local burial listings are available on the Stroud Cemetery page

Additional Information

Recently donated to the collection is Abstracts of Lincoln County, Oklahoma Obituaries for the following years: 1970 through 1974; 1975 through 1980; 1981 through 1985; 1986 through 1990; and 1991 through 1995. The abstracts were compiled by members of Indian Springs Chapter, National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution. Contact the library at (918) 968-2567 to lookup information.

Images of Oklahoma

Historic pictures of Stroud can be viewed in the library. A few are included in the state's Images of OK project.

Other Websites of Genealogical Interest