Midway Industrial Park

About Midway Industrial Park

Midway Industrial Park is a certified site ready by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. All infrastructure and utilities are in place. The Stroud Industrial Authority (SIA) is ready to negotiate construction of a build to suit facility with lease to purchase options. Incentives include:

  • Discounts on electric, water, and sewer services provided by the city.
  • $10,000 for creating 20 new full-time jobs from the Lincoln County Industrial Authority. This is a one-time pay out.
  • Job training assistance provided by Central Technology Career Center in Drumright through the Training for Industry Program (TIP).
  • Oklahoma Department of Commerce provides detailed incentive proposals available through the State of Oklahoma and federal programs. Programs include the
    • Oklahoma Enterprise Zone tax credits
    • Federal tax incentives under the Federal Tax Relief Act of 1997 which includes accelerated depreciation and employee tax credits
    • Quality Jobs Act reimbursements on qualifying projects

Site Information

View a list of what the site contains.

  • 88 acres
  • Symmetrical L-shape
  • Less that 1% grade
  • Soil conditions provide for a load bearing capacity in excess of 4,000 pressures per square inch (psi)
  • Does not have easements or covenants which would impair flexibility in utilizing property

Access Information

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  • Rail: Burlington Northern's mainline across the United States, which passes through the Port of Catoosa, marks the park's north side border. Stillwater Central Railroad leases the track and is the carrier for this area.
  • Truck: roads in the park are capable of handling semi-trailer traffic and it's less that 0.5 mile from a major federal highway system that borders the south and east side of the property.
  • Fire protection: on-site water line and hydrants have been installed to serve as fire protection.

Demolition & General Site Grading Information

View a list of information regarding the site topography.

  • A site plan featuring topography at 2-foot contour elevations, as well as geologic, borings, and soils data is available on a computer-aided drafting (CAD) file from the city's consulting engineer.
  • The site is located on a relatively high sedimentary laid plateau ridge-line out of flood-prone areas.
  • Its topography is relatively flat.
  • Soils are generally of the Bonham Series which developed from material that weathered from clayey shale under tall prairie grasses. Surface soil is calcareous below 52 inches. We have attached a soil sample mechanical test report as a separate file.
  • Storm water U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) maps show the northeast half of the site drains to the northeast, the southwest half is split with more than 60% draining south / southwest and more than 40% draining south / southeast.

Environmental Information

View a list of site information regarding environmental standards.

  • Air quality: site is located in an area with national ambient air quality standards
  • Other: the site is free of environmental contamination, wetland restrictions, or other issues which would interfere with immediate development of the property

Zoning Information

Site is appropriately zoned for a light manufacturing and distribution facility.

Confidentiality Information

All inquiries will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

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