Code Enforcement Process

Code Enforcement Process Overview

View the list below regarding the way city code is enforced and how property owners may appeal code enforcement.

  • Discovery of the violation through either citizen complaint or by code enforcement staff patrolling the community.
  • Property owner notified of violation through formal letter sent to address of record as provided by Lincoln County Assessor records.
  • The owner may request in writing that a hearing be conducted for purposes of contesting the determination that a nuisance exists on the property.
  • The owner may appeal the final decision of the director of Neighborhood Enhancement to the City Council.
  • If the owner of the property has not abated the nuisance within the appropriate time frame, the City of Stroud will take action. Action may include either abatement of the nuisance or a citation being issued.
  • If the violation recurs within a six month period, it may be declared to be a nuisance and may be summarily abated without prior notice to the property owner. The owner will be notified of the abatement and the costs thereof. The owner may request a hearing as above.
  • Immediately following the cleaning of the property, a notice of lien shall be filed with the county clerk for the cleaning costs.