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Animal Control
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About the Pound
The City of Stroud currently has an animal shelter that generally houses dogs.  We are working with Cimarron Valley Humane Society and a few other rescues to help in adoptions and rescues.  In the future, we plan to become a no kill shelter and need your help to do so.  

Adoption Guidelines
If you are interested in adopting one of the animals, you must agree to comply with the following terms of adoption.
  • To pay adoption fee of $15.00 to the City of Stroud .
  • Must pay the deposit of $10.00  for the Oklahoma Animal Sterilization act to spay/neuter the dogs. (You will be returned the deposit once proof of sterilization is brought in.)
  • You must have the animal vaccinated within 3 days of adoption by a licensed veterinarian per city ordinance and state law.  (Failure to do so may result in fines of $130.00. for each separate offense)  Once that is done you must show proof of vaccination to city hall and purchase a city tags for $10.00 (if residing in the municipal boundaries.)
  • To accept the animal AS IS and not hold the City of Stroud liable for any illness or behavioral problems that the animal may have or develop.  

These sweet dogs at the pound need a Good Home!

mixed breed dog approx 2 years old 


Do You Know Me  (Lost and/or Found) <Dogs not up for adoption at this time>