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Fire Department
Mission Statement
Fire Truck The preservation of life and property is the central mission of the Stroud Fire Department.

Dedicated Firefighters
Thanks to the hard work of the volunteer firefighters, the city's fire insurance has a classification of 5.

Rural Fire Association
Stroud Rural Fire Association is a non-profit organization for rural, non-commercial residents. We are a grass fire association that assists members when they have a fire. Membership rates are dictated by the amount of property to be covered. For more information call 918-285-5319.

"In Case of Emergency" (ICE) Campaign
The campaign has been launched worldwide. The idea is to store the word "ICE" in the address book of mobile phones with the name and phone number of the person that should be contacted in the event that the cell phone owner is injured and unable to communicate this information.

About the Ladies Auxiliary
The Stroud Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary was founded in August of 2010.
The purpose of our Auxiliary is to raise money to help buy uniforms and badges and other items needed to help Firemen. We also assist the Red Cross when needed.

We are always looking for new Ladies to be a part of our Auxiliary.
  • Ladies do not need to be married to a Fireman to be in our Auxiliary.
  • Membership Fees are $15 per year.
  • New officers are elected in August of each year.

Emergency Numbers
Emergency: 911

Police, Fire or Ambulance
Dispatch: 918-968-3595

Police or Fire
Non-emergency: 918-968-2733

Hospital: 918-968-3571

Police & Fire Departments
210 W. 2nd St.
Stroud, OK 74079

Police Chief Gaylord