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Local Government
Local Government Structure
Stroud has a city manager and a council form of government with comprehensive city plans and zoning. Stroud is a Capital Improvements Planning city, an Enterprise Zone, and a Certified city.

Public Safety
The city is appreciative of its 24 volunteer fire personnel. Because of their dedication to training, the city's fire insurance has a classification of 5 while the adjacent areas' classification is 9. The city also has 9 full-time police officers and 6 reserve officers.

Tax Structure
Fractional Assessment (2016)
Real Property 11.00%
Personal Property 12.00%

Sales Tax Rates (2019)
City 4.00%
County  1.00%
State  4.50%
Total  9.50%
1% of city sales tax is for the street fund.

Property Tax Distribution (2019)
County 11.53
School 68.74
Career Tech School
County Health Dept.
Total 100
https://www.ok.gov/tax/documents/TES-14.pdf - Page 17

State Corporate Tax Rate - 6.00%

Stroud Industrial Authority
P.O. Box 500
Stroud, OK 74079

Ph: (918) 968-4043
Fx: (918) 968-3613