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Utility Documents
All the files on this page are .pdf format unless otherwise stated.
 Deposit Policy View
 Deposit Refund Policy  Download
 Policy for Residents that move from one address to another address within the City limits of Stroud  Download

You can fill out most of the form here, but it must then be printed, signed and taken to City Hall.  Please note that a form may need to be brought in by the signatory party and be presented with a valid photo identification.

Contract for Service
 The initial contract for new Utility Service Download

Utility Automatic Draft Contract
 An application to have payment for your utility bill automatically drawn from your checking account Download

Removal of Automatic Draft Contract
 Request to have the above Automatic Draft arrangement canceled Download

Pay Agreement
 The Policy and Agreement to make arrangements to pay a bill after the due date Download

Average Monthly Payment 
 View the Average Monthly Payment (AMP) Application.  Please review the complete agreement at City Hall. Download

Stand Good for Utility Bill
 An application to be held responsible for the utility bill of a third party. Download