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Business Licenses
Obtaining a Business License
All initial contractor licenses are $200 and renewal contractor licenses are $100. Failure to purchase licenses and/or permits will result in work stoppage and $200 fine. Listed below are the only business licenses that are issued by the clerk’s office.
  • Electrical Contractor
  • Mechanic Contractor
  • Plumber Contractor

Journeyman & Apprentice Information
All journeyman and apprentices have to be registered with a contractor. It is the contractor’s responsibility to notify the city when a journeyman or apprentice is no longer under their direct supervision.

Registration Information
What you will need when you register:
  • Annual license / registration expires June 30 every year
  • A copy of your state license is required 
  • Picture I.D.
  • A lapse in renewal is considered an invalid registration
Liquor Licenses 
There is an annual occupation tax on every business or occupation relating to alcoholic beverages as specifically enumerated herein and in the amount herein stated:
Business or Occupation Annual Occupation Tax
Beer on Premises $100
Beer To Go $50
Brewer $1,250
Class B Wholesaler $ 625
Distiller $3,125
Liquor by the drink: initial tax $600
Liquor by the drink: renewal tax $400
Oklahoma Winemaker $75.00
Private club: initial tax $700
Private club: renewal tax $500
Rectifier $3,125
Retail Package Store $500
Wholesaler $3,500
Winemaker $625

Vendor Policy and Permit Application
 Itinerant Merchant/Street Vendor Permit and Policy in a .pdf file
Fireworks Stand Vendors may pick up an application and copy of the firework ordinance at City Hall.
All applications for firework permits must be turned in to City Hall by June 11, 2018.