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1. What can I do about a vehicle that is parked in the street without being moved?
2. What do I do if my neighbor's dog is barking too loud?
3. How tall can my neighbor's grass grow before they have to mow?
4. Why can't you make my neighbor weed eat his yard?
5. Are tree branches considered trash?
6. Why did I get a Code Enforcement letter about the furniture I place in my yard?
7. Does a flat tire make my vehicle inoperable?
8. What can I do about a vehicle parked in my neighbor's driveway without being moved?
9. Can my neighbor allow someone to live in the travel trailer in their driveway?
10. Can you park a trailer in the street?
11. Do I need a permit to build a shed?
12. Can I raise chickens in Stroud city limits?
13. What can I do if my neighbor will not fix his part of a shared fence?
14. What if we have an abandoned house in our neighborhood?
15. What if I have a complaint about my landlord not fixing my rental property?
16. What about Home Owner's Association Covenants?
17. What can I do if someone dumps trash or tree limbs on my property?
18. What can I do if I see someone dumping their trash in my dumpster?
19. What can I do if I see someone dumping their trash beside the road?